Jim Stotts ‘My First Magic Kit’- Magic Set

Jim Stotts ‘My First Magic Kit’- Magic Set

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(as of 02/23/2019 11:59 UTC - Details)
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Jim Stott’s ‘My First Magic Kit’ Magic Set Featuring Easy to Learn Magic Tricks, Magic Coloring Book, Color Changing Handkerchiefs, Appearing Flower& More!

Here at last is the perfect magic kit for young people 5 years of age and above! With the magic wand that is included, your child or grandchild can easily perform feats of magic such as the Magic Coloring Book, the Double Color Changing Handkerchiefs, the Zig Zag Pencil, the Magical Mystery Drawer Box and the Magic Appearing Flower!

I designed this kit so that it would appeal to youngsters from the age of five on up. I also wanted the kit to contain tricks that would be easy to do yet magical to the audience. One of the tricks, the Magic Coloring Book, is one that I personally use in professional shows that I do.

This is a kit that children of all ages will enjoy!

  • If you are shopping for magic kits for kids or beginners, this top rated kit should be at the top of your list! This magic Kit Contains some of the most popular magic tricks for children!
  • The Magic Tricks are easy to learn and perform! Perfect for those five and up! It's the perfect magic starter kit!
  • My First Magic Kit contains a Welcome Letter postcard with a link to a secret website with tutorial videos to teach how to do the tricks plus free magic to download. Included in the free magic downloads is Jim's best selling five star book, 'Learn Magic with Jim Stott' that sells separately on Amazon for $11.95.
  • TO SEE A VIDEO of Jim demonstrating the tricks that are shown in the kit, go to the website address shown beneath his photo on the kit (jimstottmagic) and then click on Products. Watch and enjoy!
  • Copyrighted and trademarked Jim Stott Magic Kits are shipped and sold by Jim Stott. Buying directly from Jim Stott assures you are getting the original and authorized product complete with bonus magic, free video tutorials and 5 star customer service, directly from Jim Stott. At the top of the page where it says 'Sold By' if it does not say 'Jim Stott' you are looking at a kit being sold by someone else. If you see this, simplly click on 'New' below to get to Jim's products.

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